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* New to Our Website - Importing
* Blazing Saddles! Saddles by Steele
* Beautiful Bailey - Our New Mare
* Moving On Up - To North Fork's New Stallion
* Videos - Tumbleweed and Tully

August 2009

August already! We can't believe September is around the corner and kids are going back to school. Breeding season is done and it's time to get ready for winter (eww, did I say that?!) and check into the feed situation. We hope you enjoy our updates and find something we've shared to be of help or interest. Make sure you stop by our website for more detail on the highlighted stories.

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New to Our Website - Importing

As promised in June, our website now sports a new tab about our Importing Service. We realized we can't possibly have enough
stock on hand to meet everyone's needs, and having built up some good relationships with suppliers in Europe, we wanted to help our clients get what they were looking for without having to deal with
the hassle and the importing process themselves. Whether it is a matter of time, you're not sure where to look, or the whole idea of bring a horse over from such a distance is too mind-boggling to contemplate, we are here to help you through it. We even have a satisfaction guarantee!

Check out our pages and read more about our service. We list commonly asked questions, explain our goals and values, and provide a link to Horses that are available for Import. We still have much to add to this page, so check back often. What you'll see now will just be a small sample of what is actually available. And if you still don't find what you're looking for, we will look for it on your behalf.

Still more questions? Contact us through our website and we'll be more than happy to help.

Blazing Saddles! Saddles by Steele - Custom Tree & Saddle, Inc.

We love our Gypsy Horses, with their strength, beautiful hair, sweet faces and calm dispositions. But finding the perfect saddle to fit their shorter backs and low to no wither can present a challenge!

After much searching, we have found a saddle like no other, and we wanted to share our find with you. Saddles by Steele custom makes your saddle for you and your needs. They provide quality, strength, comfort, and beauty. Their main goal is to make the rider and the horse as comfortable as possible, so everything this company out of Tennessee does is done with that in mind. The saddle is lighter, constructed to ensure proper weight distribution, and there is a special riders' groove to help you sit up straighter comfortably and easily. They even have a "try before you buy" program. Pick the model you're interested in, and they will ship you a demo to make sure that it will fit you and your horse.

Honestly, this is one of the most comfortable and attractive saddles we've ever seen. We just got ours this week and have been so excited about it we had to share our good news with you! Check out their website and see for yourself at www.steelesaddle.com. We bought the "Steele Frontier", and even with all the "could you do this" and "would you change that" they didn't miss a beat. Our horses really like it too, they stride better, and you can almost see them thinking "Well this is new! Why didn't they use this before???!"

Come and see it put to use at Spruce Meadows next month, you'll be able to tell how much we like it by the smiles on our faces!

* North Fork Gypsy Cobs has received no compensation for this article.

Beautiful Bailey - Our New Mare

Bailey is coming soon to us from Northern Lights Ranch in
Missouri. www.northernlightsranch.net We are so excited to have this young mare here – she will be a great addition to our herd.

According to all accounts, she is exceptionally sure footed, and loves to jump! We just may have to have her in next years' shows,
as with her looks and abilities she'd be sure to win hearts!

Check our website for more photos and information.

Moving On Up - To North Fork's New Stallion Pastures

Sometimes the pastures are greener! We wanted
to make a special space for our two favourite guys,
Clononeen Tumbleweed and Clononeen Tullamore Dew (Tully). Having had larger pastures that were under utilized, we came up with a special design of paddock, shelter and pasture that would give them
a sense of freedom, a place to race, and protection from the cold Saskatchewan winters. (Brrrrr!) Grandpa Nygaard has a special head for figuring,
so he and Dale got together to create these great new Stallion spaces. There's room for more too, so
for now although it will be a "guest" area, we will
have room to expand.

Check out the video for Tumbleweed and Tully exploring their new digs!

Fun Fact

The highest all time money winner at Spruce Meadows, "Captain Canada" Ian Millar, is 62 years old and has won over $2.5 million in earnings at the show jumping facility.

(CTV news, Calgary, June 18, 2009)