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* New Foals
* New Sales
* New Plans
* New Homes
* New Gallery Addition
* Fun Fact - Tumbleweed's Preference
* Coming Soon - The Media Page

July 2009

Welcome to our July newsletter! We have so many new things going on we almost didn't make getting this out for July - hence the theme in our titles! Read and enjoy, and make sure you stop by our website for more detail on the highlighted stories.

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New Foals

We're so pleased to introduce Lux and Orion to you! Born within days of each other this month, they are already great playmates and showing lots of promise. Lux is the colt of Clononeen Layla, the beautiful new mare we brought in this Spring. Lux is showing all the strength, loving character, and colouring of his Sire Clononeen Tumbleweed. We've included one of our favourite shots of him here, but make sure you stop by our site to see more.

Orion is the colt of Clononeen Celestial, a striking beauty also new to us this spring. His playful character, predominantly white colouring with mahogany brown markings and exceptional conformation has already made him a favourite with many! Be sure to keep an eye on him as we're sure he's going to go fast!

New Sales

We've added a few new faces to our "For Sale" page, Lux and Orion, which you saw above, as well as Beauty, our fabulous filly from 2008, and one of our own brood mares, Clononeen Miss Pio.


Beauty was born later in the breeding season last year from Clononeen Violet and Clononeen Silky Boy. She is growing up fast with great mane, feather and tail, and is one of our favourites due to her gentle nature and love of human companionship. Check out our updated pictures of her and see if she doesn't win your heart!


It was a hard decision indeed to put Miss Pio on the sale page. Her supermodel colouring and fabulous foal Riot, paired with her own great bloodlines made it hard to even consider parting with her. We have decided to concentrate on a larger Gypsy Cob to speak to the North American market, and as there is a definite lack of mature brood mares in Canada, we are sure she will go to a good home soon. Miss Pio is presently in foal to our very own Clononeen Tullamore Dew. At 15 hh, he's sure to add some height into the mix and produce a very lovely foal with Miss Pio.

New Plans

We're pleased to announce we'll be participating in this year's Spruce Meadows "Masters", from September 9-13 in Calgary, Alberta. Over 250,000 people are expected to attend over the 5 day period. Clononeen Violet, Clononeen Priceless, and North Fork Cash will be shown in the Breeds for the World Exhibit, and we will have a booth set up to meet and greet all the attendees and participants. We also couldn't be more pleased to let you know Deirdre Cash of Clononeen Farms in England will be joining us in our booth for the entire event. Please drop by and meet us, this event is going to be a grand experience to be sure! www.sprucemeadows.com/exhibits.htm

New Homes

Our very own Prince is leaving us for his new home. He is going to Northern Lights Ranch (in Missouri) and will be very well looked after we're sure by Tara. She is so excited she already has a page set up for him on her website - check it out! www.northernlightsranch.net We're very glad for her, and know that Prince is going to enjoy his new surroundings.


New Gallery Addition

We're very proud to add a new photo artist to our Gallery page, our own youngest member of the Nygaard family. Fallon contributes to a new perspective of life on the ranch, adding interest and life through the use of her imagination and camera angles. Here are a couple of our favourites, and we encourage you to drop by Our Horses Page Photo Gallery to see more!

Fun Fact

Clononeen Tumbleweed is very fussy about who he will show interest in. Apparently, non Gypsy Cob mares just won't do it for our gentleman! When collecting Tumbleweed at the U of S to send semen on to approved Gypsy mares, he was only interested in mounting the phantom when a Gypsy Cob mare was paraded before him. We guess only ladies with long, flowing manes and tails will lead him to courting. Who knew!

Coming Soon - Media Page

It's our intention to let more people in Canada know about the beautiful Gypsy Cob breed, so we've started writing small articles and editorials here and there in local news. This page will feature some of the writings and ads we've published so far to spread the word. Enjoy!