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* "The Mane Event" in Review

* Babies Babies Babies!

* Fun Facts about the Calgary Stampede


April 2010 / May 2010

Happy Spring everyone! Ok, I did start the last newsletter that way, but I’m having to say it once again since we’ve STILL had lots of rain, and yes, even SNOW! In Saskatchewan you’re never sure you’re safely out of winter until June they say.... our sloughs are full (pronounced “slew” - this former city girl had to learn that as her husband and trainer laughed her out of the house), our parking lot is full, and unfortunately our paddocks are full of all the rain we’ve been getting.

In the meantime, we had a great time with Jackie Johnson’s team and our stud colt North Fork Cash at The Mane Event, our mares produced five lovely foals, and we’re busy preparing for our next show at The Calgary Stampede. We thought we’d use this newsletter to introduce you to our new family members as they went through so much rain and mud to get here. More pictures are available on our website if you’d like to have a look. We’ll also talk a bit about the Stampede to whet your whistle for some of the great attractions and exhibitors there. And as usual, we’d love to have your questions or comments, so if there’s anything you’d like to talk about with us please feel free to email us at info@northforkhorses.com.

We hope you enjoy our updates and find something we’ve shared to be of help or interest. Make sure you stop by our website for more on the highlighted stories or to check out our horses for sale.

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The Mane Event in Review

We were so proud of our boy North Fork Cash and Megan, Jackie’s 13-year-old team member as they very competently wowed the crowds at both the Saturday Night Equine Event and the breed demos each day. A favourite stunt was their “sit”, where Cash sat on his back legs and Megan reclined in front. The fact that Cash is just two years old and already performs so well is testament both to the breed and to Jackie and Megan’s training. We have posted videos for both on the Media Tab of our website under Videos. Thanks everyone for all your hard work!

Babies Babies Babies!

Literally on the heels of participating in the Mane Event (actually, the morning of leaving for the show) our mares decided to get going a wee bit early and within days we had 5 new little ones! We’re so excited and are featuring them in this month’s newsletter.

North Fork Rorschach

We’re very excited for Priceless’ first foal, Rorschach. Exceptionally friendly, he is presently showing as black and white, but because of the grey around his eyes we believe he might turn grey and white. A very rare colour combination, combined with the sweet head and perfect confirmation of his sire Tumbleweed equals a sure stallion prospect!



North Fork Peso

Our Stallion Tullamore Dew’s (Tully’s) first foals on the ground, Peso is striking with two beautiful blue eyes and 5 dots on his forehead. Already heavily feathered for his age, Peso is also much bigger than the rest of the foals born at the same time. We expect him to carry on his sire and dams’ height also, maxing out at around 15+hh. Bliss as our lead mare is leading the charge with this beautiful colt!




North Fork Tokeso

Tokeso is one lovely filly from Tumbleweed and Lioness. Her beautiful blue eye, sweet head and well proportioned body comes from her gentle sire. Her dam, who puts most stallions to shame with her hair and feather, also gifts lovely markings and graceful movement. Tokeso is a full sister to Mana, who we’ve alternately put on, taken off, and put back on the sale page because she is so spectacular and really want to keep her ourselves! We’re looking forward to seeing this little one grow up to be as beautiful as her big sister.



North Fork Sierra

Sierra has just blown us away with what seems to be Tully’s tendency to throw speckles and special touches. The bottom of her feather on each hoof is perfectly tipped with black, and one blue eye has white eyelashes while the other has black eyelashes. Her forehead carries a speckle, as does each side of her body in a lovely pattern. As sweet as apple pie, we’re going to have a high price this on this one as we’d really like to hang on to Violet’s little gal for a stunning show horse!




North Fork Roanan

Roanan is already showing exceptional feather like his sire Tully, and has an endearing tendency to follow us around! His two blue eyes and well placed markings make him an obvious favourite. His dam Miss Pio has ensured he is on the more traditional side of height, and we expect he’ll max out at about 14.2hh. By the looks of the pose for this picture, he already knows he will have the best of both parents in the looks department!

Keep your eyes on our website for 3 more foals coming in the next month or so!

Fun Facts About The Calgary Stampede

Did you know???

  • More than a million people are expected to attend this year - yes - that is 1,000,000 people!!!
  • The Agricultural portion of the Stampede began in 1886
  • This year there will be 6 tonnes of coke (fuel made from coal) to fuel the forges, 1300 linear feet of steel bar stock and $35,000 in prize money for the World Championship Blacksmith competition - the 30th anniversary of this particular competition
  • Thirty-nine per cent of the Canadian beef herd is in Alberta
  • The Calgary Stampede International Youth Livestock Show returns each year with scholarships, cash and prizes for its competitors
  • You’ll be able to challenge your skills through virtual farming and see how well you can grow a present-day crop in the “Hands-on Agriculture” activity
  • Racing pigeons can fly up to 100 kilometres per hour, have built in GPS and weigh about a pound (really???!)

Ok, so, Dale is wondering what this had to do with anything?? Nothing actually! It’s just to get you interested in coming to see us. There’s something for everyone! www.cs.calgarystampede.com

Join us at the Calgary Stampede for the first five days - July 9-13. We’ll be manning a booth and featuring our boy Cash, as well as our fabulous white mare Bailey in breed demos each day.