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* North Fork Cash Goes to School with
  Jackie Johnson - Trick Trainer

* New Colt Prices

* Training Tips from Wendy Walker
  - North Fork Trainer

* 1st in Line 2010 Baby Page

* New Pictures of Our Stallion
  Clononeen Tullamore Dew (Tully)


December 2009 / January 2010

Well it's a new year and we've got many things going on as usual! Late last year we decided to go to a bi-monthly newsletter so as not to overload your mailboxes and our workload, so if you were wondering what happened to December, here you go! As January gets one started thinking about the year ahead, there is much planning going on, and even more so as we just found out we've been invited to feature the breed at the Calgary Stampede in July this year! So as well as taking care of our usual breeding contracts, training and farm improvements, there will be numerous updates on events we are showing at as well as reports on our young stud colt North Fork Cash and his new trick training plan.

Read on and enjoy - and don't forget, anything you would like to ask us or comment on, we're more than happy to answer or reply to. Just use our contact us link on our webpage and we'll be there!

We hope you enjoy our updates and find something we've shared to be of help or interest. Make sure you stop by our website for more on the highlighted stories or to check out our horses for sale.

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North Fork Cash Goes to School with Jackie Johnson - Trick Trainer

We are very excited to announce that our young stud colt "North Fork Cash" has gone to Regina to train with Jackie Johnson, whom we met in November at Agribition in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Jackie Johnson has been training her horses to bow, lay down and sit up for most of her life. In the spring of 2004 she put her training notes and experiences into the book "Step By Step Trick Training" offering an educational and detailed look at trick training which can be appreciated by horse owners at every level. Johnson's twenty-first century training methods are used in many countries, and in 2007, she spent extensive time working with the equine stunt crew and horses of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Entertainment appearances, numerous trick training clinics through the US and Canada, and stunt work for the film industry with movie credits such as "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "The Englishman's Boy" are all part of her passion for horse training.

We believe that Jackie's general knowledge of many different types of riding in addition to the trick training she is becoming well known for, will be a great avenue to both promote the Gypsy Cob breed and train Cash in a new area of expertise. He will also be used as a training horse in Jackie's various clinics throughout Canada and the US during 2010. His willingness and extreme "trainability" are already making an impression on Jackie and her crew although he's barely been there two weeks.

"North Fork Cash has only been with me since the afternoon of January 17th and he's already sitting. I am deeply amazed and impressed at the fantastic nature and intelligence of the Gypsy Cob horses of North Fork Gypsy Cobs."(Jackie Johnson)

See more of Jackie's comments on her Blog at www.stunthorse.com

There will be more updates on both our sites and in future newsletters as we follow his progress, so make sure you check back often!

New Colt Prices

In the course of a year we've realized that many have been hit hard by the recession, and have had to wait a little longer than anticipated for their heart's desire - a Gypsy Cob. In recognition of this and the fact that we really have more colts than we can use right now, we've reduced some of our colts prices. Check it out and see - your new horse may be closer than you think!

Orion at birth - now 7 months old - $11,000 CAD

Lux at birth - now 7 months old - $9,000 CA

Training Tips from Wendy Walker - North Fork Trainer

Training Starts Early

As with most horses, Gypsy Cobs require attention early on in their young lives to prepare their minds and bodies for more intensive training later on. Although they are exceptionally fast learners and eager to please, there are some things to remember when they are young foals:

  • you are always training your horse (any age age) whether intentionally or not, so give careful attention to how you treat them and how you let them treat you
  • they are never too young to start with ground manners, halter work, general handling and "sacking out"
  • young horses need a lot of time off, to allow for rest and processing as their minds and bodies are not yet fully developed
  • attention spans are short, so don't overwhelm them, show them something then give them a break

1st in Line 2010 Baby Page

As mentioned late last year, we have a LOT of babies coming this year! So to assist you in seeing who we're "expecting" this year and give you the opportunity to get your name in first, we've set up a baby page. Just click on our front page 1st in Line button or scroll over to the 2010 Baby page under on-site Sales and you'll be able to view this year's mare and stallion pairings.

New Pictures of our Stallion Tullamore Dew (Tully)

Our friend Judy, (also one of our featured photographers) came out recently to take some pictures of our young Stallion Tully for her fantasy art works. We are sure that whatever she makes out of the photos will be stunning, but we thought the photos were so spectacular on their own because of our boy that we've posted some of our favourites on our website. He had no special washing or grooming but still looks amazing - stay tuned for some footage we shot that day, we'll get that up and running on You Tube as soon as we can. Enjoy!

And just a reminder...

We are now accepting applications for the 2010 Breeding Year for both Tumbleweed and Tully. There will be a limited number of breedings and to approved outside mares only.

Tumbleweed's Stud Fee: $4700*
Tully's Stud Fee: $1900*

*Please contact us for more details.