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News Bulletin

You might have been wondering where the Newsletter is we send out fairly regularly? Well, so much has been going on lately that we've not had the time to even write it! So on that note, we wanted you all to be the first to know that Billy Boy, (aka The Christie Horse) is coming to North Fork! Recently purchased from Michael Vine in England, Billy Boy will be making his permanent home here to add to our line of Legends. Not to be confused with any other “Billy Boys” out there, he is the original Christie Horse, sired by The Lob.

Billy Boy is one of the most important foundation stallions in gypsy horse history ever, and is in the back breeding of a large percentage of the best producing breeding stock today. He is the sire, grand-sire etc of horses such as Paleface, Coates Oliver, Coates Reggae Rock Steady, Mouldens Horse that Twisted his Gut, Diamond Cutter, Bionics Horse, Gypsy Boy and many more current greats. Billy Boy is as important as stallions such as Lion King and Lottery Horse whom we’ve lost in recent years.

He is getting on into his late teen years now, but is as full of life as a 5 year old stallion, having all the energy and zest for life he’s ever had. He has plenty of years of breeding left in him and we are looking forward to the 2011 breeding season with this very special stallion. Many of Billy Boy’s offspring have the distinctive ‘yin and yang’ pattern on their flanks, and display the same strong legs and beautiful conformation as their sire.

We will make him available to a limited number of select mares for the 2011 breeding season although this may be the only year. This is a very rare chance to breed some of the finest cobs possible today.

Billy Boy’s 2011 stud fee will be: $3500 CAD*

*Contact us for more details.

It will be a while until he gets here with arranging his transport and quarantine, but we'll let you know as soon as he's arrived at his new home. Check out his page for a few pictures, more details to come soon!