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April 2011

Spring has sprung! Although with the snow melting it feels more like we live on a lake than the nice, dry, flatland of Saskatchewan! Lots to write about and little time to do it as we are preparing for the Mane Event coming up, our first show of the year, so we'll be short and sweet, with more details on our website in the coming weeks. We're also looking forward to the first of our foals arriving late May, so as they arrive we'll send out more regular newsletters to keep you up to date on this year's offerings.



* Billy Boy & Aslan

* What Colour Testing Can Do For Your
   Breeding Program

* GVHS Annual Meeting

* Upcoming Events


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Billy Boy & Aslan


Billy Boy is such a gem and we are so excited to be his forever home! A true gentleman, he is sweet and dignified and we are feeding him up in preparation for his first North Fork breeding season. He's already impressed the folks at our University clinic during collection with his stamina, quality product :) and pleasing personality, not to mention his moustache! We are very honoured to carry forward his amazing bloodline here in Canada.

Aslan has arrived at North Fork as well and is really enjoying his new pasture, although he wasn't quite sure what to do with the snow before it melted! Our young palomino stallion is full of life and everything we were looking for. Thanks to Amy & Albert Coates for the creme of the crop! We can hardly wait to have Aurora here too, our breath-taking palomino filly. (You'll definitely want to check her out on our fillies page). When she's old enough those two will make beautiful babies!

What Colour Testing Can Do For Your Breeding Program

- by Dale Nygaard

We've finally had all our breeding stock color tested with the University of Kentucky and are now in the position to much more effectively breed for certain colors and patterns. We were pleasantly surprised to find that 6 of our mares tested positive for the red gene. Breeding these mares to Aslan (see above) could give us a wonderful array of colors including Palomino, which is only possible with the red gene present. If the red gene is not present, you are still able to get buckskin, but not palomino.

It was also interesting to see a good mix of both homozygous and heterozygous for tobiano. Thi means we can have a wonderful mix of both solid and colored foals.

We were also surprised to find that our boy Tully,(currently for sale) also has the red gene and is heterozygous for tobiano. He can throw palomino foals both solid and colored if bred to the right mare. Tully is a gem and if we don't end up selling him this year, we're excited to see what he and our new palomino filly will produce when she comes of age. He will be with us at the Calgary Stampede this year if you'd like to meet him in person.

We would encourage everyone that hasn't already done so to get your horses color tested, so you too can more selectively breed your stock. Check out www.animalgenetics.us/CCalculator1.asp. It allows you to enter in your horses' color information and see the color probability of the pairing of the sire and dam.

GVHS Annual Meeting

We had the opportunity to attend a meeting of one of our registries this year in Orlando, Florida. Although going to Florida in the winter was certainly a draw, it definitely wasn't the only reason! We were able to meet others who love this wonderful breed and learn from each other. The meeting took place at the Florida Carriage Museum, which had beautiful grounds and great meeting rooms. We had demonstrations on tacking up for driving, safety, judging horses (what judges would look for at a competition,) and horse massage therapy, among other topics. There were group discussions on marketing strategies,(what works and what doesn't), distinguishing factors of the Gypsy Horse, and different ideas on the importance of DNA testing in continuing to establish the breed's presence in North America. Auctions, farm visits to Gypsy Gold and WR Ranch, and driving demonstrations rounded out our time together.

Whatever registry you belong to, it's important to meet, learn, and experience together. Support your registry by participating, encouraging, and challenging each other. It will benefit everyone.

Upcoming Events

This year we'll be participating in the following shows:
Mane Event - Red Deer, Alberta April 29 - May 1, 2011 www.maneeventexpo.com
The Calgary Stampede - Calgary, Alberta
(For the first five days)
July 8 - 17, 2011 www.calgarystampede.com
Spruce Meadows - Calgary, Alberta
(Booth only)
September 17 - 11, 2011 www.sprucemeadows.com

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