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* Babies, Babies, Babies!

Summer 2011 Newsletter

Happy Summer everyone! And what a summer it is! Babies, Weather, Shows and more. So we've decided to send out our foals update separately and when we're able to catch our breath, the Mane Event and Calgary Stampede pictures and videos later on. Meanwhile, we hope you've been able to spend some lovely summer sun time with your families and friends, taking time to smell the roses and give some extra love to your animals.

As usual, we'd love to have your questions or comments, so if there's anything you'd like to talk about please feel free to send us an email at info@northforkhorses.com.

We hope you enjoy our updates and find something we've shared to be of help or interest. Make sure you stop by our website for more on the highlighted stories or to check out our horses for sale.

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We're proud and blessed to have had a fantastic foaling season, and here's just a taste of the photos to come for each of our little fillies and colts. These pictures were all taken on their first or second day of life, so look for more updates on our website as they grow up. Each of our 2011 foals are presently for sale after weaning, although there are one or two we are thinking of hanging onto ourselves so if you're interested in any of them you might want to move on it quickly. Enjoy!

North Fork Bella (filly)

Bella is a pretty little filly born to our smallest mare Miss Pio. Although a soft dove grey presently, she will most likely turn pitch black, with a lovely blaze on her sweet head and three white socks with some "blagdon splashing" turning up in a few places. Already friendly, outgoing and inquisitive, we are sure she will be a heart stealer!

North Fork Bettie (filly)

Bettie has two beautiful blue eyes and fabulous jagged markings. A very dark black and stark white, she has a hint of grey around one eye which is already starting to spread. Showing a beautiful curly mane, she is sure to have lots of hair and will probably throw it around as much as her sire Tully does. Hopefully she will also like to stay clean like he does as well!

North Fork Akasha (filly)

Violet and Tumbleweed have outdone themselves with this stunning little tricolour filly. To say her colour pattern is fancy would be an understatement. Her minimal bay markings on a predominately white background and black forelock make her really stand out from the crowd. Bloodlines and Tumbleweed's usual perfect small head make her the best of the best. She is priced accordingly and may only be for sale for a limited time as we would be perfectly happy to hang onto her for ourselves!

North Fork Frances (filly)

Frances is an absolute doll and about as pretty a foal as you can find anywhere! She possesses all the best traits from her Dam and Sire, including Tully's signature dot on her face. This is a girl you want to pay close attention to if you are serious about buying top quality breeding stock.

North Fork Star (filly)

Star is a beautiful and dainty black and white filly with one blue eye and the distinctive "dot" Tully puts on all his foals. Both Sire and Dam carry tons of feather and mane, and Star already shows their perfect conformation as well. It's hard to tell this early, but watching her play in the pasture she may even have Tully's beautiful movement - so keep watching for updated pictures and perhaps even a video as she matures.

North Fork Paulo (colt)

Bailey's first foal is a beautiful mostly bay and white colt with slight touches of black near the top of his mane and on the tips of his ears. Two lovely brown eyes combined with a curious and friendly personality demonstrating his sire and dam's calm and loving natures. He has already has had visitors so may not be available for long!

North Fork Adagio (colt)

Our second colt this year is a beautiful and inquisitive colt of what looks to be a dark bay colour but we'll keep you updated as time goes on. As always, Tumbleweed has passed on his beautiful head and calm personality, and with this wonderful pairing of Tumbleweed and Isabel, this colt is sure to represent the breed in its truest traditional form for both quality and conformation.

North Fork Kaze (Ka-zeh) (colt)

We couldn't be more pleased with what Lioness and Tumbleweed put together in this very stunning colt. Mostly bay and white, he has an unexpected splash of black in his tail. A small sweet head and already showing feather, we feel this boy has great potential as a stallion prospect so we won't be doing anything rash until we see how he develops. We expect great things from this boy!

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