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* Herd Reduction Sale

Fall 2012

Wow this year is just whizzing by! We trust you all had a great summer, and are enjoying the cooler temperatures and beautiful colours of fall. Of course, Saskatchewan is a bit ahead on things, we’ve already had our first snow! But it’s beautiful with the sun shining on the brilliant white blanket, and the seemingly extra blue skies creating a beautiful contrast. In deference to those who are still enjoying fall colours however, I’ll save the snow pictures for our Winter issue!

We have made the recent decision to simplify our lives due to a variety of events this past year, not the least of which was Dale’s heart attack in March. In the past, our Equestrian Centre has enabled us to build a herd that we are very proud of, both for blood lines and true quality. Each horse was carefully chosen to produce the very best of the best, and represent this lovely breed to you, our friends, family, clients and fellow breeders. But our goal has really also been to reach out to individuals and families that would benefit from the special relationship that develops between a person and their horse, and especially with the Gypsy Cob/Vanner breed.

So - we have decided to simplify our lives somewhat, and are having a herd reduction sale. All the details of each horse we are offering for sale are listed on our website, but here are some pictures to whet your appetite for shopping our lovely herd. Now may be the time to buy the horse you’ve had your eye on!


As usual, we’d love to have your questions or comments, so if there’s anything you’d like to talk about with us please feel free to email us at info@northforkhorses.com or call us at 306-934-3592.

We hope you enjoy our updates and find something we’ve shared to be of help or interest. Make sure you stop by our website for more on the highlighted stories or to check out our horses for sale.

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Mares for Sale

Clononeen Layla
North Fork Beauty

Clononeen Leona (Lioness)

Clononeen Isabel

Clononeen Miss Pio

Stallions for Sale

Clononeen Tullamore Dew
Clononeen Tumbleweed

North Fork Aslan

Fillies for Sale

North Fork Star
North Fork Bella

North Fork Francis

Colts for Sale

North Fork Dantae
North Fork Kaze

North Fork Tyrion

Geldings for Sale

North Fork Paulo
North Fork Adagio

North Fork Roanan


North Fork Chaska