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North Fork Woolly Mammoth’s Legacy
SD Woolly Mammoth
North Fork Silver Lace
May 8, 2016
Our late great SD Woolly Mammoth simply outdid himself with this amazing boy. Born in 2016, we expect this young stallion prospect to be one of the greats in the Gypsy world, just like his sire was. Legacy is heavy in bone and feather, confident and loving in personality, willing and very easy to handle. As a yearling he participated in multiple shows winning numerous awards in each show including the yearling trifecta for halter class, lunge line and trail in hand.

His sire, the famous SD Woolly Mammoth, contributed all of his thick bone and feather as well as all the wonderful bloodlines to his offspring in Legacy. SD Woolly Mammoth was by Samson of Wales from The Sweeper mare and out of Sovereign by Bob the Blagdon.

Legacy’s dam is North Fork Silver Lace, our spectacular black silver dapple mare. Her sire is BHGV Phantom who is by The Business (aka The Boss). Her dam is Carousel Gardens Livvie (who was by SD Chief).

We look forward to seeing Legacy live up to his parentage and perform both in the show ring and through his offspring.


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North Fork Dantae’s Guapo

Available to select mares, live cover or limited AI for the 2019 breeding season.
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North Fork Dantae
North Fork Mana
June 1, 2015
He is exceptionally well built and is a stunning buckskin color.  He loves his snuggle time, is quiet and observant and has that lucky white ear.  He should mature to about 14.1hh.


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North Fork Rorschach


April 22, 2010
Rorschach exudes everything that breeders want in a top quality stallion including the grey gene, which is even more rare than the palomino creme gene. The combination of his rare colouring, thick double mane, heavy feather, bang on conformation, and stellar bloodlines (Tumbleweed with Priceless, a Bob the Blagdon daughter), makes this boy a definite keeper here at North Fork. Our philosophy is to geld any colts we feel will not be as good or better than their sire. Rorschach IS that good and we know he will become known as among the best of the best sires within our breed.

In 2015 Rorschach received his qualifying scores for Gold Medallion of Quality in Western and Driving, helping to ensure his late sire Tumbleweeds entry into the GVHS Hall of Fame.


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North Fork Cash

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May 24, 2008
With proper cob build, and ample feathering and hair, North Fork Cash by Tumbleweed is also our proven performance Gypsy Cob stallion.  All of the Tumbleweed foals are showing their natural talent for jumping, and Cash is no exception as he free jumps 4' with ease.  As of 2014 Cash is training 3'6" and is competing Jumpers 3'3" under Jackie Johnson, both are on their way to 4'. 

Cash also routinely places top 3 in many prairie jumping venues, where he has earned himself the nickname "The Flying Gypsy".  Equine Expo Battle jump can be seen  HERE

- placed 2nd in Gamblers Choice Jumping, Battle of the Breeds at the Saskatoon Equine Expo in 2014
-placed 3rd at the 2014 Battle of the Breeds Saskatoon Equine Expo (against both 3D and SBRA competitors), where he was 1.5 seconds off the leader. WATCH

Proving his versatility, and speed, Cash is a level one mounted shooting horse, and he is the anchor Barrel Racing horse for Team Gypsy Vanner.  Cash is also a competitive trail horse, and drives single and team, and is the lead horse in both Unicorn, and Tandem hitches.  He rounds off his versatility as the demo horse with Stunthorse.com, where he travels with Jackie Johnson, showing off his talent at performing; bow, laydown, sit up, sit down, rear and Spanish walk. 

Spring of 2015 will see the first foal by North Fork Cash as we wanted to prove the talent on this boy before using him as a breeding stallion.  The future is exciting for this young stallion, and his future progeny.

In 2015 Cash received his Gold Medallion of quality in English and Driving, helping to ensure his late sire Tumbleweed's entry into the GVHS Hall of Fame.


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SD Woolly Mammoth
SD Woolly Mammoth sadly passed away in late August 2017 after a surgical colic. We loved him for the short time he was with us and will continue to appreciate all he passed onto the foals he left us with as well as everything he accomplished for the breed.
SD Sovereign
"Billy Gaskin" Mare
We couldn’t be more proud to announce the newest member of the North Fork stallion lineup, SD Woolly Mammoth! Without a doubt this boy is a true living legend known around the world as one of the best that have ever lived. We are honored that the Down family agreed to commit a stallion like him to our care. In their own words, "Woolly Mammoth has played a huge part in our own breeding program and I don’t believe there will ever be another like him. We believe in your hands you’ll take him to the next level."

He has sired many great stallions all over the world such as SD Mr. Down, SD Street Fighter, SD Tyson, SD Jackpot, SD Stevie, SD Gambler, SD Rambo, SD Hercules, SD Big Bucks, SD Rolls Royce, SD Bruno, and SD Murphy just to name a few. He is one of the greats for the simple fact that he consistently passes on his amazing mind, body and spirit to each and every foal that he sires. When it comes to stallions, there are many stunning examples of the breed out there, but few have the consistent, proven track record of the one and only Woolly Mammoth.

As our motto is "Letting Legends Lead the Way", we simply could not be more proud to call this boy our own. He is in a league of his own and will add incredibly to both our breeding program and the bloodlines and standards of the breed as a whole. We look forward to working with and training his future offspring in multiple disciplines to showcase to the world the talent and ability of this amazing breed.

More about SD Woolly Mammoth


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Clononeen Tumbleweed
The "Sire of Sires"
Sadly, Tumbleweed passed away in August of 2016. He leaves an amazing legacy behind him and will be sorely missed. In 2015, he was the very first stallion in the 20 year history of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society to be inducted into the GVHS Hall of Fame.

This very important achievement is awarded to stallions and mares with demonstrated ability to produce quality offspring. Five of Tumbleweed’s progeny went on to achieve multiple Gold Medallions of Quality. North Fork Cash (co-owned with us by Jackie Johnson), North Fork Orion (owned by Jackie Johnson), North Fork Rorschach, North Fork Bullet, and North Fork Paulo (Finn), owned by Colleen Dahlstrom, all were presented for evaluation in Conformation-Movement and in the disciplines of English, Western and Driving. Their evaluation achievements have demonstrated that Tumbleweed consistently produced versatile performance Gypsy Vanner horses with quality phenotype..a Hall of Fame stallion. Be proud if you are the owner of a horse with Tumbleweed in its pedigree. We are blessed to have retained his sons Cash and Rorschach to carry on his family line.

The painting above was done by by Lisa Stockdell was gifted to North Fork Gypsy Cobs by the GVHS in recognition of his induction into the Hall of Fame. For more information about Lisa and her work on Tumbleweed’s portrait, click here.

Clononeen Queen Bee
Known simply as the Sire of Sires, Tumbleweed was known in England as one of the best producers there with the highest priced progeny at the March Fair in 2007. He is the sire of Clononeen Playboy (now proudly owned by Harlequin Farms). Playboy was inspected by a CHAPS certified judge for the GCHDA and scored the highest accolade of a first premium.

Tumbleweed stamps his stock with sweet heads, small ears and tiny muzzles. His striking traditional skewbald colouring and beautifully balanced confirmation is a credit to his breed. Tumbleweed's hair is also exceptional, with a full straight and silky mane, tail and abundant feathering. Tumbleweed stands at 13.3 h, although he tends to throw larger foals.

Gypsy Cobs are known for their sweet disposition, and Tumbleweed is no exception. He is intelligent, willing, alert and gentle with the mares. Always willing to have a visitor, he is indeed a gentle giant of strength and endurance.

Colour DNA testing on Tumbleweed has confirmed that he is homozygous for Tobiano so will only ever produce coloured foals, no matter what mare he is bred to. We look forward to breeding more the quality offspring he is so celebrated for.

Check out the video for Tumbleweed and Tully exploring their new digs!


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Clononeen Tullamore Dew (Tully)


John Roaches stallion (out of a mare called Banks)
Ballywilliam Lady (out of the Paddy Horse)
January 1, 2005

Frozen Semen available 

Tullamore Dew (Tully) came to us in from Clononeen Farm in England in the late winter months of 2009, just in time to settle in before the breeding season.  He was 4 years of age when we brought him over,  a majestic example of the breed even at that age.  Standing at 15hh, he possessed a long flowing mane, and a ridiculous amount of tail and feather.  

Tully came to us with some very basic riding and driving skills and immediately started into riding training with our trainer, Wendy Walker.  Over the years their bond developed into a deep respect between horse and rider.  Tully’s very first public performance and showing was at the Calgary Stampede where he did well-orchestrated demonstrations for the public in the riding ring, and stood respectfully in his stall while on display.  We were so proud of his behavior and performance, and because of his beautiful conformation and dashing good looks, he became one of our lead show horses.  Tully was involved in many events over the years at venues such as Spruce Meadows and the Telus Battle of the Breeds, the Mane Event in Red Deer Alberta, Saskatchewan Equine Expo and of course the Calgary Stampede just to name a few. 

His performance as a breeding stallion never failed to impress us and we have some exemplary examples of his progeny in our breeding herd today.  This includes one very amazing little grey stallion prospect we are keeping, born in the spring of 2014 - North Fork Tullamore Dew’s Vincent.  Tully always gives his very best to his foals, including tons of hair.  We made the very difficult decision this spring to geld Tully after collecting his semen, as we felt that his show career representing the breed was becoming more important that his stallion career.  Little did we know just how important his show career was about to become later that year when Spruce Meadows purchased him after he competed with Team Gypsy Vanner in the Telus Battle of the Breeds and won Fan Favorite.  Spruce Meadows is now the proud owner of both Tully and one of our best mares, Lioness.  This new driving team will be a stunning new addition to the world-renowned facility.  

Follow this LINK for more detailed information on the team at Spruce Meadows. 

Check out the video for Tumbleweed and Tully exploring their new digs!

Calgary Stampede 2011 Show Part 1

Calgary Stampede 2011 Show Part 2


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The Lob

*We are sorry to announce that Billy Boy has passed on. He was a great stallion, and in his senior days lived with dignity and grace. We are blessed that he was able to cover five mares during the 2011 summer breeding season so we will be able to carry on his line. More details of his life and passing will be posted soon. He was much loved here and will be sorely missed.

We are proud to announce the arrival of the one and only Billy Boy to North Fork Gypsy Cobs. Not to be confused with any other “Billy Boys” out there, he is the original Christie Horse, sired by The Lob.

Billy Boy is one of the most important foundation stallions in gypsy horse history ever, and adds to our line-up of legends here at North Fork. He is in the back breeding of a large percentage of the best producing breeding stock today, and is the sire, grand-sire etc of horses such as Paleface, Coates Oliver, Coates Reggae Rock Steady, Mouldens Horse that Twisted his Gut, Diamond Cutter, Bionics Horse, Gypsy Boy and many more current greats. He is as important as stallions such as Lion King and Lottery Horse whom we’ve lost in recent years.


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