The Romani People

The Wagon

The Wagon is traditionally covered in teal-coloured canvas fabric.  This is because during the First World War the cotton was cheap and plentiful, and it became a tradition through time.  Some wagons may have 24 carat gold painting and other intricate details, but each one is a unique work of art.  Most living wagons have full stoves, sleeping quarters and eating areas.  The wagon is a travelling home providing all that is needed for each family.


Over time, many Romani families have changed from travelling in wagons to mobile homes. This may have been due to legislations over the years restricting the travellers from their wandering, or a personal choice in fitting in with the culture they have travelled to. Many families participate in the Appleby Fair to showcase their Gypsy pride.  They also still use traditional methods making and painting living wagons, crafting beautiful objects of art, and making saleable items with superb quality and workmanship.